1913 Flood

The water began falling from the sky on Friday, March 21st 1913 and then it began rising from the ground just a few days later. The rising waters grew until they topped nearly 20 feet in some areas of Dayton. Look back on the Great Dayton Flood when you visit and view the powerful pictorial provided by the Dayton Daily News. Read a blog entry from the Wright State University Special Collections & Archives page which chronicles the deadly event and has more information on where you can obtain and view footage from those fateful days.

Timeline Photo
Interactive Stories

Take a trip through time and explore the history and curiosities from the 1860's to the 1940's. This interactive timeline features six different themes: US and World Events, Inventions & Technology, the Wright brothers, Paul Laurence Dunbar, American Letters, and Dayton Events through the interactive timeline. Choose a theme, then choose a decade to begin your excursion into the past.
Quest for Practical Flight
The Wright's invention of the airplane changed much in the world. Now, you can learn more about their Quest for Practical Flight in this interactive media player. Choose from The Miracle of Flight movie, the Learning to Fly animated cartoon, Riding the Wind movie, the Age of Flight movie and view 3-D animated models of the planes the Wright Brothers built between 1901 - 1905.

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