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Ranger Langston in front of the counter inside of the Wright Cycle shop.
Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Langston Watras in front of the counter at the Wright Cycle Co.

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Langston Watras (pictured left) has been an art teacher for the Dayton Public School District for over ten years and one year at Trotwood-Madison School District. He has also worked at photography studios and galleries. During his time as a Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT), here at Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP, Langston's duties included those as an interpretive ranger and instructing children and adults about the Wright brothers' accomplishments & Paul Laurence Dunbar's writings.

"As a Dayton resident and Dayton Public School employee, I believe that it is vital to the city's future that we educate our children about the great developments that have taken place here. If we can get our children to become excited about the people and events in Dayton's history, then we may help them visualize a better future," remarked Langston.


TRT Lesson Plans

You can view the complete and full file of lesson plans (10 lesson plans) from Langston here in the Curriculum Materials section.

Listing of Langston Watras' Lesson Plans:

  • Airplanes of the Future!
  • Clay Stamps
  • Paint a Hero
  • Family Tree
  • Homage to Bleriot
  • Mapping a Neighborhood
  • Make Your Own Monument
  • Mood Masks
  • Printmaking - Landscapes
  • Rose Window (Radial Designs)
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Last updated: March 25, 2020

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