Logan Pass - View of Going-to-the-Sun Mountain

View of Going-to-the-Sun Mountain from Logan Pass Loading...

Looking east from Logan Pass the massive Going-to-the-Sun Mountain (9647 ft.) dominates the view. The heavily forested Reynolds Creek valley joins the St. Mary valley near the wall of mountains in the distance. Ia�`z��#���|L?qJIZ� ��,u��^�fQh}�pz+x�7*���_��J�]*�o<-|Z��?h�.Nl,�;)[MP�+,�C�lwdjv�u��ֵ�k� ց["'oNm/�S�|�'s١q��Փ~8J�fT�͹O/�K� z~�r�n?OGrh�hc){�ٞET�M~E#fia;��S�M���onvJ�1��%�e��<�����m�f34ќ