Mammoth Hot Springs - Officers' Row

Officers' Row Loading...

When the Army was based in Fort Yellowstone, this is where the officers and their families were housed. It was a good duty station. Because of its good facilities, relaxed discipline, and interesting surroundings, Fort Yellowstone was considered a prized assignment by many officers and enlisted men. But protection of the park did not suffer. Soldiers were ordered to "conduct themselves in a courteous and polite, but firm and decided manner" when carrying out their duties. Today, these buildings make up the Albright Visitor Center, offices for park operations and living quarters for employees.

The webcam faces south, so the view may appear washed out in the morning. The webcam points through two panes of historic glass of the old headquarters for the Corp of Engineers (circa 1903), and we've done our best to sharpen the view. As leaves drop during the fall and the trees remain bare all winter, the view of the buildings and their red roofs will be more noticeable.