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How Your Fees Help Colonial National Historical Park

Entrance fees are an important source of revenue in National Parks to improve the visitor experience, including recreational opportunities. The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) allows the NPS to collect and retain revenue and requires that fee revenue be used to enhance the visitor experience. At least 80 percent of the money stays in the park where it is collected, and the other 20 percent is distributed to benefit other parks across the system that do not collect fees.

Recreation fees help the park fund important work and projects at Colonial NHP. For example, these fee dollars have supported:

York River Shoreline Stabilization

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York River Shoreline Stabilization: Fee dollars funded and continue to fund the stabilization and rehabilitation of approximately 1.5 miles of the York River Shoreline. Work includes the raising of existing rock revetments, steep slope stabilization, rehabilitation of sills and breakwaters, and some wetland restoration. This investment will help to ensure the stability of the Colonial Parkway and nationally significant archeological sites for an enhanced visitor experience.

Rehabilitation of Cannon Carriages
Rehabilitation of Cannon Carriage

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Rehabilitation of Cannon Carriages: Since 2019, fee dollars have funded the stabilization and rehabilitation of eight cannon carriages in Revolutionary War era style. Work included rebuilding wooden components, cleaning and refabrication of iron components, reconstruction of wheels, and reassembly of cannon carriages. In all, three 24LB cannon carriages, two 6LB carriages, one howitzer carriage, one mortar bed and one 18LB cannon carriage have been rehabilitated. This investment ensures that multiple visitors may interact with multiple artillery pieces utilized during the Siege of Yorktown.

Glasshouse Comfort Station Rehabilitation
Glasshouse Comfort Station Rehabilitation

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Glasshouse Comfort Station Rehabilitation: Entrance fee dollars funded the rehabilitation of the comfort station at Glasshouse Point. Work included complete demolition and remodel of the building interiors including all new fixtures, new lighting, new partitions, updated lighting, the addition of hand dryers, and all new finishes.

Yorktown Area Fence Rehabilitation
Yorktown Area Fence Rehabilitation

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Yorktown Area Fence Rehabilitation: Since 2020 fee program dollars have provided for the rehabilitation of fences associated with historic structures in Yorktown. Completed in phases, two of three have been complete with the final phase completing in 2023. Work includes removal and replacement of deteriorated fence components, ensuring that the fences reflected construction methods available to Revolutionary War era craftsmen. All wooden components were rough sawn and painted components were done by hand.


For more information on how your fee dollars are at work across the National Park system, visit Your Fee Dollars at Work (


Last updated: May 11, 2023

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