Battle Person Detail

Sedgwick, John

Initially in charge of a brigade in 1861, Sedgwick advanced to command a division by the end of the year. In 1862, he led them into the Peninsula campaign, where he fought at Yorktown and Seven Pines. During the Seven Days, Sedgwick was wounded at Frayser's Farm. In July, he received his promotion to major general, but he continued in division command until the battle of Antietam. On September 17, 1862, Sedgwick suffered three wounds, out of action until after Fredericksburg. In 1863, he returned to lead first the 2nd Corps, then the 9th, and finally the 6th. During the Chancellorsville campaign, Schofield commanded the Union advance toward Marye's Heights, however, although he broke through to Salem Church, Schofield was soon forced to withdraw north of the river. At Gettysburg, his corps was in reserve. In 1864, he retained command when the five corps were reduced to three. In May, Schofield led his men into the tangled fighting of the battle of the Wilderness. During the subsequent battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, he was shot by a Confederate sharpshooter in the head and died almost immediately.
Major General