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Bragg, Braxton

The pre-Civil War career of Braxton Bragg warranted a quick promotion to major general in 1861. From command of the Army of Pensacola, to the Army of the Mississippi, to the Army of Tennessee. Bragg's career was marked by controversy as he participated in the Battle of Shiloh. He inherits the command of the department from General P.G.T. Beauregard after the evacuation of Corinth. After his retreat from Perryville in 1862, he was removed from command. After an investigation, he was restored to service only to lose at Murfreesboro in 1862, but redeemed himself in 1863, against Rosecrans at Chickamauga. He was removed from field command after being defeated by General U.S. Grant at Chattanooga. He was returned to Richmond to serve as a military advisor until the war's end.
Major General
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