Battle Detail

Winchester I

Other Name:
Bowers Hill
Jackson's Valley Campaign
March-June 1862
Principal Commanders:
Major General Nathaniel Banks [US] Major General Thomas Jackson [CS]
Forces Engaged:
22500 total (US 6500; CS 16000;)
Estimated Casualties:
2419 total (US 2019; CS 400;)
After skirmishing with Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks's retreating army at Middletown and Newtown on May 24, Maj. Gen. T.J. Jackson's division continued north on the Valley Pike toward Winchester. There, Banks was attempting to reorganize his army to defend the town. Ewell's division converged on Winchester from the southeast using the Front Royal Pike. On May 25, Ewell attacked Camp Hill, while the Louisiana Brigade of Jackson's division outflanked and overran the Union position on Bowers Hill. Panic spread through the Federal ranks, and many fled through Winchester. Banks's army was soundly defeated and withdrew north across the Potomac River. This was a decisive battle in Jackson's Valley Campaign.
Confederate Victory
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