Battle Detail

Kernstown I

Other Name:
Jackson's Valley Campaign
March-June 1862
Principal Commanders:
Brigadier General Nathan Kimball [US] Major General Thomas Jackson [CS]
Forces Engaged:
12300 total (US 8500; CS 3800;)
Estimated Casualties:
1308 total (US 590; CS 718;)
Relying on faulty intelligence that reported the Union garrison at Winchester numbered only about 3,000, "Stonewall" Jackson marched aggressively north with his 3,400-man division. The 8,500 Federals, commanded by Col. Nathan Kimball, stopped Jackson at Kernstown and then counterattacked turning Jackson's left flank and forcing him to retreat. Despite this Union victory, President Lincoln was disturbed by Jackson's threat to Washington and redirected substantial reinforcements to the Valley, depriving McClellan's army of these troops. McClellan claimed that the additional troops would have enabled him to take Richmond during his Peninsula campaign.
Union Victory
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