Battle Detail

Grimball's Island

Other Name:
Seccessionville, James Island
Operations Against Defenses of Charleston
April-September 1863
Principal Commanders:
Brigadier General Alfred Terry [US] Brigadier General Johnson Hagood [CS]
Forces Engaged:
6800 total (US 3800; CS 3000;)
Estimated Casualties:
64 total (US 46; CS 18;)
To divert Confederate reinforcements from a renewed attack on Fort Wagner, Gen. Gillmore designed two feints. An amphibious force ascended Stono River to threaten the Charleston & Savannah Railroad bridge. A second force, consisting of Terry's division, landed on James Island on July 8. Terry demonstrated against the Confederate defenses. On July 16, the Confederates attacked Terry's camp at Grimball's Landing. Because of incomplete reconnaissance of the difficult, marshy ground, the disorganized Confederate attack was soon aborted. Their mission accomplished, Federal troops withdrew from the island on July 17.
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