Battle Detail

Roanoke Island

Other Name:
Fort Huger
Burnside's North Carolina Expedition
February-June 1862
Principal Commanders:
Major General Ambrose Burnside [US] Brigadier General Henry Wise [CS]
Forces Engaged:
10500 total (US 7500; CS 3000;)
Estimated Casualties:
2907 total (US 264; CS 2643;)
On February 7, Brig. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside landed 7,500 men on the southwestern side of Roanoke Island in an amphibious operation launched from Fort Monroe. The next morning, supported by gunboats, the Federals assaulted the Confederate forts on the narrow waist of the island, driving back and out-maneuvering Brig. Gen. Henry Wise's outnumbered command. After losing less than 100 men, the Confederate commander on the field, Col. H.M. Shaw, surrendered about 2,500 soldiers and 32 guns. Burnside had secured an important outpost on the Atlantic Coast, tightening the blockade.
Union Victory
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