Battle Detail

Devil's Backbone

Other Name:
Backbone Mountain
Operations to Control Indian Territory
June-September 1863
Principal Commanders:
Colonel William Cloud [US] Brigadier General William Cabell [CS]
Forces Engaged:
0 total (US 0; CS 0;)
Estimated Casualties:
31 total (US 14; CS 17;)
Union Maj. Gen. James G. Blunt ordered Col. William Cloud to continue in pursuit of the Confederate forces that had withdrawn from Fort Smith and were chased to Old Jenny Lind. The Rebels turned on Cloud and skirmished with him at the base of Devil's Backbone. Cabell's forces ambushed approaching Union troops and momentarily halted their advance. Regrouping, the Union forces, with the help of artillery, advanced again and forced the Confederates to retire in disorder to Waldron.
Union Victory
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