Battle Detail

Mobile Bay

Other Name:
Passing of Forts Morgan and Gaines
Burbridge's Raid into Southwest Virginia
August 1864
Principal Commanders:
Admiral David Farragut [US] Frankiln Buchanan [CS]
Forces Engaged:
0 total (US 0; CS 0;)
Estimated Casualties:
1827 total (US 327; CS 1500;)
A combined Union force initiated operations to close Mobile Bay to blockade running. Some Union forces landed on Dauphin Island and laid siege to Fort Gaines. On August 5, Farragut's Union fleet of eighteen ships entered Mobile Bay and received a devastating fire from Forts Gaines and Morgan and other points. After passing the forts, Farragut forced the Confederate naval forces, under Adm. Franklin Buchanan, to surrender, which effectively closed Mobile Bay. By August 23, Fort Morgan, the last big holdout, fell, shutting down the port. The city, however, remained uncaptured.
Union Victory
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