Battle Detail


Other Name:
Caving Banks
Operations in the Indian Territory
November-December 1861
Principal Commanders:
Chief Opothleyahola [US] Brigadier General Douglas Cooper [CS]
Forces Engaged:
1300 total (US 0; CS 1300;)
Estimated Casualties:
464 total (US 412; CS 52;)
Following Chief Opothleyahola and his Union force's defeat at Round Mountain, he retreated northeastward, in search of safety. On December 9, 1861, the force was at Chusto-Talasah, or Caving Banks, on the Horseshoe Bend of Bird Creek when Col. Douglas H. Cooper's 1,300 Confederates attacked Chief Opothleyahola around 2:00 pm. Chief Opothleyahola knew Cooper was coming and had placed his troops in a strong position at Horseshoe Bend. For almost four hours, Cooper attacked and attempted to outflank the Federals, finally driving them east across Bird Creek just before dark. Cooper camped there overnight but did not pursue the Federals because he was short of ammunition. The Confederates claimed victory. Chief Opothleyahola and his band moved off in search of security elsewhere. Although the Confederates had gained a victory, they would win a resounding one later in the month at Chustenahlah.
Confederate Victory
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