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14th Regiment, New York Cavalry


Organized at New York City and mustered in by Companies as follows: "A" November 24. "B" November 25. "C" December 22. "D" December 4, 1862. "E" February 3. "F" February 26. "G" March 14. "H" March 18. "I" April 25. "K" July 8. "L" June 6, and "M" July 18, 1863. Companies "A" to "E" left State for Department of the Gulf February 8, 1863. 4 Companies left State for Dept. of the Gulf April, 1863, and remaining 3 Companies left State for Dept. of the Gulf October, 1863. Attached to Defences of New Orleans, La., Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1863. Grierson's Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1863. Defences of New Orleans, La., to October, 1863. 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to November, 1863. 3rd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1864. 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. District of Baton Rouge, La., Dept. of the Gulf, to December, 1864. Separate Cavalry Brigade, District of Baton Rouge, La., to February, 1865. District of Morganza, Dept. of the Gulf, to April, 1865. Defences of New Orleans, La., Dept. of the Gulf, to May, 1865. 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1865 (Co. "M" detached at Fort Barrancas, Fla., District of West Florida, September, 1863, to February, 1865.)

Siege of Port Hudson, La., May 24-July 9, 1863. Clinton June 3-4. Near Port Hudson June 11. New York Riots July 13-15 (Detachment). Opposite Donaldsonville September 23 (1 Company). Western Louisiana Campaign October 3-November 30. Washington October 24 and 31. Bayou Bourbeaux November 3. Grand Coteau, Carrion Crow Bayou, November 3. Vermillion Bayou November 12. Near New Iberia November 19. Camp Pratt November 20. Red River Campaign March 10-May 22, 1864. Advance from Franklin to Alexandria March 14-26. Bayou Rapides March 20. Henderson's Hill March 21. Monett's Ferry and Cloutiersville March 29-30. Natchitoches March 31. Crump's Hill April 2. Wilson's Farm April 7. Bayou de Paul, Carroll's Mill and Sabine Cross Roads, Mansfield, April 8. Pleasant Hill April 9. Natchitoches April 22. About Cloutiersville April 22-24. Bayou Rapides April 26. McNutt's Hill, Alexandria, April 26. About Alexandria April 26-May 13. Retreat to Morganza May 13-20. Wilson's Landing May 14. Avoyelle's Prairie May 15. Mansura and Marksville May 16. Morganza May 23-24. Moved to Baton Rouge, La., and duty there till January, 1865. Highland Stockade, near Baton Rouge July 29, 1864. Bayou Letsworth August 11. Expeditions to Clinton August 23-29. Olive Branch, Comite River and Clinton August 25. Near Baton Rouge September 17. Greenville Springs Road September 24. Expedition from Baton Rouge to Clinton, Greensburg, Osyka and Camp Moore October 5-9. Expedition from Baton Rouge to Brookhaven, Miss., and skirmishes November 14-21. Clinton and Liberty Creek November 15. Summit, Miss., November 19. Clinton and Liberty November 23. Davidson's Expedition from Baton Rouge against Mobile & Ohio Railroad November 27-December 13. Jackson November 27. Franklin Creek December 22. Davis Creek, near Mobile, December 22. Five Mile Creek, near East Pascagoula, December 26. Griffin's Mills, near East Pascagoula, January 3, 1865. At Morganza till June, 1865. Raid to Clinton and Jackson March 1-10, 1865. McCullom's Point, Morganza Bend, March 12. Near Morganza April 3.

Company "M" at Jackson's Bridge, Grand Bayou, Fla., January 25, 1864. Cow Ford Creek, near Pensacola, Fla., April 2. Jackson Bridge May 25. Near Barrancas May 26. Expedition from Barrancas toward Pollard, Ala., July 21-25. Fifteen Mile House July 21. Pollard, Ala., July 22. Camp Gonzales July 22. Expedition from Barrancas August 13-14. Little Escanabia River, Ala., December 15. Pollard, Ala., December 16. Pine Barren Creek December 17.

Regiment consolidated with 18th New York Cavalry June 12, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 16 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 137 Enlisted men by disease. Total 158.

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