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2nd Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Organized in Missouri at large December, 1861, to April, 1862, and by consolidation of original 2nd and 11th Regiments, State Militia Cavalry. Attached to District of Northern Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to March, 1863. District of St. Louis, Mo., Dept. of Missouri, to June, 1863. District of Southeast Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to July, 1863. District of St. Louis, Mo., Dept. of Missouri, to April, 1865.

Walkerville, Mo., April 2 and 14, 1862. Cherry Grove June 26. Near Newark July 7. Whaley's Mills August 1. Kirksville August 6 (Detachment). Near Stockton August 8 (Detachment). Near Bragg's Farm September 13. Bloomfield March 1-2, 1863. Expedition from Bloomfield to Chalk Bluff, Ark., and to Gum Slough, etc., Mo., and skirmishes March 9-15. Chalk Bluff March 9 and 15. Gum Slough March 16. Scout to Doniphan March 19-23. Near Doniphan March 21. Scouts from Bloomfleld to Scatterville, Ark., March 25-April 1. Chalk Bluff April 1. Operations against Marmaduke April 21-May 2. Cape Girardeau April 26. Castor River, near Bloomfield, April 29. Bloomfield April 29-30. Chalk Bluff, St. Francis River, April 30-May 1. Round Ponds August 1 (Detachment). Scout from Cape Girardeau to Poplar Bluff August 9-18 (1st Battalion). Ash Hill August 3 (Detachment). Expedition from Cape Girardeau to Pilot Knob and Pocohontas, Ark., August 17-26. Pocohontas, Ark., August 22-23. Expedition to Big Lake, Mississippi County, Ark., September 7-30. Expedition from Pilot Knob to Oregon County and to Pocohontas, Ark., September 29-October 6 (Detachment). Scout from Cape Girardeau to Doniphan and Pocohontas October 26-November 12. Expedition from Cape Girardeau to Clarkton October 26-November 15 (Detachment). Attack on Bloomfield and pursuit to Brown's Ferry, Ark., November 29-30. Halcom Island February 2, 1864 (Detachment). Cape Girardeau February 5. Near Charleston February 15 (Detachment). Near Bloomfield April 1. Scout from Bloomfield May 6. Sykestown June 7. Near St. James June 10. Expedition from New Madrid to Carruthersville July 5-10 (Detachment). Bloomfield July 14. Operations in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas July 18-August 6. Scatterville, Ark., July 28 (Detachment). Osceola, Ark., August 2. Elkchute August 4 (Detachment). Near Homersville and Gayoso September 8 (Detachment). Sykestown September 22. Ironton September 26. Shut in Gap and Arcadia Valley September 26. Fort Davidson, Pilot Knob, September 26-27 (Co. "K"). Leesburg or Harrison September 28-29 and October 1. Scout in Pemiscot County and skirmish October 10-12 (Detachment). Little Blue October 21. Independence, Big Blue and State Line October 22. Westport October 23. Engagement at the Marmiton or battle of Charlot October 25. Mine Creek, Little Osage River, Marias des Cygnes, October 25. West Point October 26. Operations in Mississippi County, Ark., November 5-6 (Detachment). Sikestown November 6 (Detachment). Scout in Pemiscot County and skirmish November 13-16 (Detachment). Near New Madrid December 3 (Detachment). Cypress Swamp, near Cape Girardeau, December 14 (Detachments). Expedition from Cape Glrardeau and Dallas to Cherokee Bay and St. Francis River, Ark., with skirmish, December 20, 1864 - January 4, 1865. Near Carruthersville December 30, 1864. Expedition from Bloomfield to Poplar Bluff January 4-16 (Detachment). Expedition from Cape Girardoau to Eleven Points River, Ark., January 24-February 22. Mississippi County February 18 (Co. "B"). Expedition from Bloomfield into Dunklin County March 3-7, (Detachment). Near Bloomfield March 3. Dunklin County March 4. Bloomfield March 7 (Detachment). Scout from Cape Girardeau to Bolinger, Stoddard and Wayne Counties March 9-15 (Co. "F"). Mustered out April 20, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 18 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 88 Enlisted men by disease. Total 107.
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