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3rd Regiment, Virginia Infantry, Local Defense (Henley's) (McAnerney's)

3rd Infantry Regiment Local Defense Troops was organized in September, 1864, from the 3rd (Departmental) Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops. Its members were from the War Department, Post Office Department, Treasury Department, Quartermaster Department, Medical Purveyor's Department, and men under the age of eighteen. It was attached to General G.W.C. Lee's Brigade, Department of Richmond, and for a time was assigned guard duty in the city of Richmond. Later the unit served under the command of P.T. Moore. At Sayler's Creek many were captured and only 1 man surrendered at Appomattox. The field officers were Colonel John McAnerney; Lieutenant Colonel S.F. Sutherland; and Majors Bolling Baker, John A. Henley, and S.G. Jamison.
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