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31st Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Hawpe's)

31st Cavalry Regiment was assembled at Waco, Texas, during the spring of 1862 with men from Dallas, Longview, and Greenville. The unit served in Arkansas, Missouri, and the Indian Territory, then was dismounted toward the end of 1862. Later it was ordered east of the Mississippi River and in the winter of 1863-1864 returned to the Trans-Mississippi Department and remounted. Assigned to Gano's and J.E. Harrison's Brigade, it fought at Poison Spring and Cabin Creek. The regiment reported 4 casualties of the 175 engaged at Poison Spring, and in March, 1865, there were 22 officers and 212 men present for duty. It was included in the surrender in June. The field officers were Colonels Tresevant C. Hawpe and F.J. Malone, Lieutenant Colonel G.W. Guess, and Majors Michael Looscan and William W. Peak.
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