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28th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Randal's) (1st Texas Lancers)

28th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late spring of 1862 by Colonel H. Randal. It was formed with about 1,000 men and twelve companies, but one company was transferred to the 19th Texas Infantry Regiment in mid-1864. Some of its members were from Fairfield and Shelby Counties. The unit was soon dismounted and assigned to Polignac's, Randal's, and Maclay's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department, and was active in various conflicts in Louisiana and Arkansas. It saw some hard fighting at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, then fought at Jenkins' Ferry. The 28th disbanded prior to the surrender in June, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Eli H. Baxter and Horace Randal, Lieutenant Colonel Henry G. Hall, and Major Patrick Henry.
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