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11th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Roberts')

11th Infantry Regiment was assembled at Houston, Texas, during the winter of 1861-1862. Many of the men were recruited in the towns of Clarksville, Henderson, and Marshall, and the counties of Cherokee and Shelby. It was assigned to the Army of New Mexico, then served in H. Randal's and Maclay's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. The unit skirmished in Louisiana and lost 4 killed, 15 wounded, and 32 missing at Bayou Bourdeau. During the Red River Campaign, Company A with 3 officers and 42 men was captured. It moved to Arkansas, fought at Jenkins' Ferry, then was stationed at Shreveport, Louisiana, and later Hemstead, Texas, where it disbanded in May, 1865. The field officers were Colonels A. J. Coupland, James H. Jones, and O.M. Roberts, and Majors Nathaniel J. Caraway and Thomas H. Rountree.
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