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7th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (7th Mounted Volunteers)

7th Cavalry Regiment, about 1,000 strong, was organized at Victoria, Texas, during the summer of 1861. Many of the men were from San Antonio and Palestine, and Angelina County. After serving in the Army of New Mexico, the unit was assigned to Green's and Hardeman's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. It participated in various conflicts in Louisiana and reported 6 killed, 35 wounded, and 34 missing at Cox's Plantation, and 2 wounded at Bayou Bourbeau. The regiment was included in the surrender on June 2, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels Arthur P. Bagby and William Steele; Lieutenant Colonels P. T. Herbert, Powhatan Jordan, and J. S. Sutton; and Major Gustave Hoffmann.
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