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28th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (2nd Tennessee Mountain Volunteers)

28th Infantry Regiment [also called 2nd Mountain Volunteers] was organized during September, 1861, at Camp Zollicoffer, Overton County, Tennessee. The men were recruited in the counties of Cumberland, Overton, Putnam, Wilson, Jackson, Smith, and White. It fought at Fishing Creek, Shiloh, and Port Hudson, served at Jackson, Mississippi, then was assigned to M.J. Wright's and Maney's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. On March 8, 1863, the 84th Regiment merged into this command. The 28th took an active part in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, returned to Tennessee with Hood, and saw action in North Carolina. During January, 1862, it contained 748 effectives, had 12 men disabled at Fishing Creek, and sustained 76 casualties at Murfreesboro. The regiment lost thirty-four percent of the 254 at Chickamauga and totalled 254 men and 169 arms in December, 1863. Very few surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Uriah T. Brown, David C. Crook, Preston D. Cunningham, and John P. Murray; Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Eatherly; and Majors John B. Holman, Eli D. Simrell, and James R. Talbert.
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