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12th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

12th Infantry Regiment was organized at Jackson, Tennessee, in May, 1861. Its members were recruited in Dyer and Gibson counties, and Company E contained men from Kentucky. The unit was assigned to B.R. Johnson's, P.Smith's, Vaughan's, and Palmer's Brigade. During June, 1862, the 22nd Regiment merged into the 12th, and in October, 1862, this command was consolidated with the 47th Regiment. It fought at Belmont, Shiloh, and Richmond, then joined the Army of Tennessee and served from Murfreesboro to Bentonville. This regiment was organized with 737 men, sustained 32 casualties at Richmond, and lost fifty-one percent of the 322 engaged at Murfreesboro. The 12th/47th had 87 disabled at Chickamauga and in December, 1863, totalled 373 men and 220 arms. It was included in the surrender on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Tyree H. Bell and Robert M. Russell; Lieutenant Colonels D.A. Outlaw and J.N. Wyatt; and Majors Robert P. Caldwell, James Purl, and J.N. Wyatt.
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