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2nd Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Ashby's)

2nd (Ashby's) Cavalry Regiment was formed by consolidating the 4th and 5th Battalions of Tennessee Cavalry in May, 1862. The men were from the counties of Hamilton, Monroe, Knox, Union, Claiborne, Hawkins, Jefferson, Bledsoe, Bradley, Polk, Hancock, Blount, and Sullivan. It was assigned to Wharton's, Pegram's, J.S. Scott's, Davidson's, Humes', and H.M. Ashby's Brigade. The regiment participated in the conflicts at Cumberland Gap, Murfreesboro, and Chickamauga, then was involved in the Atlanta Campaign. Later it skirmished in Alabama, aided in the defense of Savannah, and took part in the campaign of the Carolinas. It lost 6 killed, 8 wounded, and 19 missing at Cumberland Gap, and reported 19 casualties at Chickamauga. Only a few surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The field officers were Colonel Henry M. Ashby, Lieutenant Colonels Henry C. Gillespie and John H. Kuhn, and Majors Pharaoh A. Cobb and William M. Smith.
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