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Bachman's Company, South Carolina Artillery (German Light Artillery)

German Light Artillery [also called Charleston German Artillery] completed its organization in the spring of 1862. The unit moved to Virginia, served in B.W. Frobel's and M.W. Henry's Battalion of Artillery, and fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Gettysburg, except when it was with with Longstreet at Suffolk. During October, 1863, it was ordered to South Carolina, later participated in the defense of Savannah, then returned to South Carolina. It reported 3 casualties during the Seven Days' Battles, had 2 killed and 2 wounded in the Maryland Campaign, and took 71 men to Gettysburg. The company contained 94 men at Charleston in April, 1864, was refitted after being in Georgia, and during April, 1865, was en route to Greensboro, North Carolina. Captain William K. Bachman was in command.
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