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27th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (Gaillard's)

27th Infantry Regiment was formed at Charleston, South Carolina, in September, 1863, by consolidating the Charleston Infantry Battalion and the 1st South Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters. The unit was assigned to General Hagood's Brigade, served at Fort Sumter, then moved to Virginia. Here it participated in the conflicts at Drewry's Bluff and Cold Harbor, and took its place in the Petersburg trenches. The 27th ended the war in North Carolina. It reported 8 killed, 22 wounded, and 113 missing at Deep Bottom, and had 2 killed, 22 wounded, and 71 missing at the Weldon Railroad. Its force was greatly reduced when the Army of Tennessee surrendered. The field officers were Colonel Peter C. Guillard, Lieutenant Colonel Julius A. Blake, and Major Joseph Abney.

Predecessor unit:
Charleston Infantry Battalion [also called 1st Battalion] was organized at Charleston, South Carolina, in March, 1862, with six companies. The men were from Charleston and Sumter and Union counties. The unit served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It reported 5 killed, 25 wounded, and 2 missing in the fight at Secessionville, then was stationed at Charleston and on James Island. In September, 1863, it merged into the 27th South Carolina Infantry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Peter C. Guillard was in command.
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