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2nd Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry

2nd Cavalry Regiment was organized during the summer of 1862 by consolidating the 4th South Carolina Cavalry Battalion and the Cavalry Battalion of Hampton's South Carolina Legion. The unit served under the command of Generals Hampton, M.C. Butler, P.M.B. Young, and Gary. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia at Second Manassas, South Mountain, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Brandy Station, Second Winchester, Upperville, Gettysburg, Bristoe, Mine Run, Todd's Tavern, The Wilderness, Ground Squirrel Church, and Brooks' Church. In May, 1864, the Infantry Battalion of Hampton's South Carolina Legion was mounted and united with the 2nd Cavalry. It was then redesignated the Hampton South Carolina Cavalry Legion. After fighting at Cold Harbor, it participated in numerous conflicts south and north of the James River and the Appomattox operations. This unit contained 220 effectives at Brandy Station, took 186 to Gettysburg, and surrendered 14 officers and 225 men. Its commanders were Colonels Matthew C. Butler and Thomas J. Lipscomb, and Lieutenant Colonels W.K. Easley, Frank Hampton, and Thomas E. Screven.
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