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1st Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (McCreary's) (1st Provisional Army)

1st Infantry Regiment, Provisional Army completed its organization at Richmond, Virginia, in August, 1861. Most of the officers and men had served in the 1st South Carolina Volunteers, a six-month command, which was mustered out of service in late July. The men were from Charleston and Columbia, and the counties of Darlington, Marrion, Horry, Aiken, and Florence. Assigned to General Gregg's and McGowan's Brigade, the unit fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor. It was then involved in the difficult Petersburg siege north and south of the James River and the Appomattox Campaign. This regiment lost 20 killed and 133 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, had fifty-three percent disabled of the 283 engaged at Second Manassas and Ox Hill, and had 4 killed and 30 wounded at Sharpsburg. It sustained 73 casualties at Fredericksburg and 104 at Chancellorsville, then lost thirty-four percent of the 328 at Gettysburg. There were 16 killed, 114 wounded, and 7 missing at The Wilderness, and 19 killed, 51 wounded, and 9 missing at Spotsylvania. On April 9, 1865, it surrendered with 18 officers and 101 men. The field officers were Colonels Maxey Gregg, Daniel H. Hamilton, and Charles W. McCreary; Lieutenant Colonels T. Pinckney Alston, Andrew P. Butler, Edward McCrady, Jr., Washington P. Shooter, and Augustus M. Smith; and Major Edward D. Brailsford.
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