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23rd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

23rd Infantry Regiment, formerly the 13th Volunteers, was organized at Weldon, North Carolina, in July, 1861. Its members were raised in the counties of Anson, Lincoln, Montgomery, Richmond, Granville, Catawba, and Gaston. Seven companies arrived in Virginia on July 21; the other three came in August. First assigned to the Potomac District in the Department of Northern Virginia, it was later placed under the command of Generals Early, Garland, Iverson, and R.D.Johnston. The 23rd fought with the army from Williamsburg to Cold Harbor, served in Early's operations in the Shenandoah Valley, and was active around Appomattox. It totalled 540 effectives in April, 1862, lost 84 during the Seven Days' Battles, had 18 killed and 35 wounded in the Maryland Campaign, and suffered 1 wounded at Fredericksburg. Of the 430 engaged at Chancellorsville, forty percent were disabled, and more than eighty percent of the 316 at Gettysburg were killed, wounded, or missing. It surrendered 4 officers and 82 men of which 35 were armed. The field officers were Colonels Charles C. Blacknall, Daniel H. Christie, John F. Hoke, and Robert D. Johnston; Lieutenant Colonels William S. Davis and John W. Leak; and Major E.J. Christian.
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