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Turner's Company, Mississippi Light Artillery

Smith's-Turner's Battery was organized in July, 1861 with men raised in Quitman, Tunica, and Coahoma counties. It was active in the conflicts at Belmont, Shiloh, and Perryville, then joined the Army of Tennessee. Assigned to M. Smith's, Hoxton's, and Gee's Battalion of Artillery, the unit fought with the army from Murfreesboro to Nashville, then shared in the defense of Mobile. It lost 1 killed and 13 wounded of the 120 engaged at Shiloh, had 4 wounded at Perryville, sustained 5 casualties at Murfreesboro, and had 2 killed and 5 wounded at Chickamauga. In March, 1864, the battery totalled 80 officers and men, but few were included in the surrender in May, 1865. Its commanding officers were Captains Melancthon Smith and William B. Turner.
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