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Jeff Davis Legion, Mississippi Cavalry

Jeff. Davis Cavalry Legion was organized in January, 1862, using the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. At that time the unit contained two Alabama, one Georgia, and three Mississippi companies. On July 11, 1864, the 4th Alabama Cavalry and Company D of Mullen's Georgia Cavalry were assigned to the legion. However, by the end of July the 4th Alabama Battalion was transferred to the Phillips Georgia Cavalry Legion. The unit served under Generals Hampton, Butler, and P.M.B. Young. The unit participated in the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from Williamsburg to Cold Harbor, then was active north and south of the James River. In April, 1862, it contained 171 effectives. It lost 4 wounded at Brandy Station, and had 4 killed and 10 wounded of the 246 at Gettysburg. En route from Pennsylvania, it had 2 killed and 12 wounded, and 3 were wounded during the Bristoe Campaign. In 1865 the unit was assigned to General Logan's Brigade and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Its field officers were Colonel William T. Martin, Lieutenant Colonels William G. Conner and J. Fred. Waring, and Major Ivey F. Lewis and W.M. Stone.

2nd Cavalry Battalion was organized at Manassas, Virginia, in October, 1861, with one Alabama adn three Mississippi companies. During January, 1862, it merged into the Jeff. Davis Mississippi Cavalry Legion. Major William T. Martin was in command.
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