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39th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

39th Infantry Regiment was organized at Jackson, Mississippi, during the late spring of 1862. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Simpson, Rankin, Scott, Newton, Hinds, and Monroe. About twenty-five percent of this unit was sick in June, and there were 29 officers and 541 men present for duty in July. Company I took part in the fight at Baton Rouge, then, assigned to General Beall's command, the regiment was captured at Port Hudson in July, 1863. After the exchange in December it totalled 220 effectives. Attached to Ross' and Sears' Brigade it was involved in the Atlanta Campaign, Hood's Tennessee operations, and the defense of Mobile. The regiment reported 7 casualties at New Hope Church, 30 at Kenesaw Mountain, 5 at the Chattahoochee River, and 48 in the Battle of Atlanta. Few surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Its commanders were Colonel W.B. Shelby, Lieutenant Colonel William E. Ross, and Majors R.J. Durr and W.Monroe Quin.
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