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7th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry

7th Cavalry Regiment [also called 1st Partisan Rangers] was oranized during the early summer of 1862 and in July had 35 officers and 817 men present for duty. It served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana and later was assigned to Chalmer's, R. McCulloc's, and Starke's Brigade. The unit took an active part in the operations in North Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Tennessee. It contained 310 men in October, 1863 and reported 13 casualties at Collierville and 1 at Oxford. The regiment ended the war in Mississippi and was included in the surrender on May 4,1865. The field officers were Colonels William C. Falkner and Samuel M. Hyams, Jr., Lieutenant Colonels L.B. Hovis and James M. Park, and Majors W.L. Davis and William N. Stansell.
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