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H.M. Bledsoe's Company, Missouri Light Artillery

Bledsoe's, H.M. Light Artillery was organized in June, 1861 and saw action at Wilson's Creek and Elkhorn Tavern. In the spring of 1862 it moved east of the Mississippi River. Here the unit fought at Iuka and Corinth, then assigned to J. Gregg's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, engaged the Federals in and around Jackson. Later it was attached to Palmer's, R. Martin's, and Hotchkiss' Battalion of Artillery, Army of Tennessee. The battery was active from Chickamauga to Atlanta, took part in Hood's operations in Tennessee, and was stationed at Macon, Georgia, in February, 1865. It contained 53 effectives in May, 1862, sustained light losses at Corinth and Chickamauga, and totalled 67 men in April, 1864. The unit was included in the surrender on May 4, 1865. Captain Hiram M. Bledsoe was in command.
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