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9th Regiment, Missouri Infantry

9th (Clark's) Infantry Regiment [also called 2nd Regiment] was organized in November, 1862, by consolidating the 8th Infantry Battalion and the Missouri companies of Clarkson's Missouri Cavalry Battalion. The two Arkansas companies of this regiment seceded and merged into Buster's Arkansas Cavalry Battalion. The unit served in D.M. Frost's, J.B. Clark's, and C.S. Mitchell's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. It fought at Prairie Grove, lost 4 killed and 108 woundedat Pleasant Hill, and sustained 52 casualties at Jenkins' Ferry. The regiment disbanded in the spring of 1865. Its commanders were John B. Clark, Jr.,' Lieutenant Colonels M. W. Buster and Richard H. Musser; and Majors Richard Gaines. Harry H. Hughes, and J. Quin Morton.

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Clarkson's Cavalry Battalion Independent Rangers [also called the Indian Battalion] was assembled during the winter of 1861-1862 with Missouri and Arkansas companies. The unit operated in the Indian Territory and took an active part in the conflicts at Newtonia and Granby. In November, 1862, it merged into the 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry Regiment. Its commanders were James J. Clarkson, Lieutenant Colonel M.W. Buster, and Major J.Quin Morton.
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