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5th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

5th Cavalry Regiment [also known as the Lafayette County Cavalry] was organized during the late spring of 1862. The unit was assigned to General Shelby's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. It skirmished in Missouri and Arkansas, served in Marmaduke's Missouri expedition, was part of the operations against Steele's expedition from Little Rock to Camden, then was active in Price's Missouri operations. The regiment reported 15 casualties at Newtonia, 44 with Marmaduke, 14 at Helena, and 6 against Steele. At Marks' Mills only 1 man was wounded, then 15 were killed, 50 wounded, and 41 missing during Price's Expedition. It disbanded in mid-May, 1865. The field officers were Colonels B. Frank Gordon and Joseph O. Shelby, Lieutenant Colonel Y.H. Blackwell, and Majors George P. Gordon and George R. Kirtley.
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