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4th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

4th Cavalry Regiment was assembled during December, 1861, and included Preston's Missouri Cavalry Battalion. Some of the men were from St. Louis and Barton County, and many had served in the Missouri State Guard. The unit served in the Trans-Mississippi Department and was attached to C. Green's, Shelby's, and J.B. Clarks' Brigade. It participated in Marmaduke's Expedition into Missouri, fought in various conflicts in Arkansas, and shared in Price's Missouri operations. The regiment reported 11 casualties with Marmaduke, 6 at Poison Spring, 13 at Jenkins' Ferry, and 63 in Price's Expedition. The 4th was included in the surrender in June, 1865. Colonel John Q. Burbridge, Lieutenant Colonel William J. Preston, and Major Dennis Smith were its commanders.
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