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2nd Battery, Maryland Artillery

2nd Artillery Company, usually known as the Baltimore Battery, was formed in September, 1861. After fighting in Jackson's Valley Campaign the unit served with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Gettysburg. It was assigned to the Maryland Line, then transferred to the cavalry and placed in P.M.B. Young's and B.T. Johnson's Brigade. The company was active at Yellow Tavern, Catoctin Mountain, Frederick, Poolesville, and in McCausland's raid on Chambersburg. Later it served as infantry in the trenches of Petersburg. It lost 1 killed and 2 wounded at Malvern Hill, had 106 men in action at Gettysburg, and surrendered with only 1 man. Captains John B. Brockenborough and William H. Griffin were in command.
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