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30th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Sumter Regiment)

30th Infantry Regiment [also called Sumter Regiment] was organized during the early spring of 1862, and contained men from Orleans, St. John the Baptist, and St. James parishes. Later reduced to a battalion. The unit served in Maxey's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and fought at Baton Rouge and Port Hudson where it was captured in July, 1863. Exchanged and reorganized, it was assigned to General Quarles', Page's, and Gibson's Brigade. The 30th fought with the Army of Tennessee in the Atlanta Campaign and Hood's Tennessee operations. Later it was ordered to Mobile. It contained 260 effectives in August, 1862, totalled 322 men and 281 arms in December, 1863, and had 161 fit for duty in November, 1864. Few surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. The field officers were Colonel Gustavus A. Breaux, Lieutenant Colonels Chares J. Bell and Thomas Shields, and Major Arthur Picolet.
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