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45th Regiment, Georgia Infantry

45th Infantry Regiment was organized by Colonel T. Hardeman, Jr. during the winter of 1861-1862. Many of the men were recruited in the counties of Greene, Dooly, Taylor, Gray, Berrien. Ordered to Virginia the regiment was placed under the command of Generals J.R. Anderson and E.L. Thomas. It served in the arduous campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, then was involved in the battles and hardships of the trenches of Petersburg and the Appomattox operations. This unit lost 7 killed and 35 wounded at Second Manassas and 5 killed and 43 wounded at Fredericksburg. At Chancellorsville it lost ten percent of the 350 engaged, and at Gettysburg about ten percent of the 331 were disabled. The 45th surrendered with 8 officers and 85 men. Its field commanders were Colonels Thomas Hardeman, Jr. and T.J. Simmons; Lieutenant Colonels James W. Carter, C.A. Conn, Washington L. Grice, and William S. Wallace; and Majors Aurelius W. Gibson and M.R. Rogers.
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