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4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Clinch's)

4th (Clinch's) Cavalry Regiment was formed in January, 1863, using the 3rd Georgia Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. Many of the men were from Wayne, Glynn, and Camden counties. The regiment served on the Georgia coast until the summer of 1864 when it was assigned to M.W. Hannon's command. It skirmished in Northern Georgia and Alabama, took part in the defense of Savannah, and was active in the campaign of the Carolinas. A report stated that the unit contained 200 officers and men in March, 1865, and was included in the surrender of the Army of Tennessee. Its commanders were Colonel Duncan L. Clinch, Lieutenant Colonel John L. Harris, and Major Jesse C. McDonald.

Predecessor unit:

3rd Cavalry Battalion was formed during the winter of 1861-1862 with six companies. It served on the Georgia coast, scouting and patrolling, until Janaury, 1863, when it merged into the 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Duncan L. Clinch and Major John L. Harris were in command.

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