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8th Regiment, Florida Infantry

8th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Lake City, Florida, during the summer of 1862. Its members were raised in the counties of Walton, Washington, Jackson, Santa Rosa, Escambia, Leon, and Gadsden. The unit was soon ordered to Virginia with a force of 950 men, and brigaded under Generals Pryor, E.A. Perry, and Finegan. It was prominent in numerous battles from Second Manassas to Cold Harbor, endured the hardships of the Petersburg trenches south of the James River, and fought in various conflicts around Appomattox. The regiment reported 7 killed, 37 wounded, and 44 missing at Fredericksburg, had 11 killed and 28 wounded at Chancellorsville, and lost fifty-nine percent of the 176 engaged at Gettysburg. Only 4 officers and 28 men surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia. The field officers were Colonels Richard F. Floyd and David Lang, Lieutenant Colonels William Baya and John M. Pons, and Majors Thomas E. Clarke and William J. Turner.
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