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1st Regiment, Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles, CSA

1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles, formed at Scullyville, Choctaw Nation, in July, 1861, contained 1,085 men. During May, 1862, it had 27 officers and 707 men present for duty. This unit contained six companies of Choctaws, three of Chickasaw, and one of half-breeds. It reported 12 casualties at Newtonia, then was assigned to D.H. Cooper's and T. Walker's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. The regiment skirmished and raided the Federals in the Indian Territory and in April, 1863, had 3 men disabled in the fight at Poison Spring. It was included in the surrender on June 23, 1865. The field officers were Colonel Douglas H. Cooper; Lieutenant Colonels James Riley and Tandy Walker; and Majors Willis J. Jones, Mitchell LeFlore, and Stephen Loering.
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