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20th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

20th Infantry Regiment, formerly G. W. King's 22nd Regiment, was organized during the spring of 1862. The unit moved east of the Mississippi River and at the Battles of Corinth and Hatchie Bridge reported 92 casualties. Later it was assigned to General M. E. Green's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and after fighting at Big Black River Bridge was captured at Vicksburg in July, 1863. Exchanged, reorganized, and mounted, the 20th was attached to Dockery's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department and was prominent at Marks' Mills and Jenkins' Ferry. During the end of 1864 it disbanded. Its commanders were Colonels H. P. Johnson and D. W. Jones; Lieutenant Colonels J. H. Fletcher, W. R. Kelley, and H. G. Robertson; and Majors W. S. Haven and J. W. Long.

Predecessor unit:

22nd Infantry Regiment was organized at Little Rock, Arkansas, in August, 1861. The unit saw action at Elkhorn Tavern, then was reorganized for Confederate service. At that time it became H.P. Johnson's 20th Arkansas Regiment. It was commanded by Colonel G.W. King, Lieutenant Colonel J.H. Fletcher, and Major Daniel W. Jones.
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