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19th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Dawson's)

19th (Dawson's) Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Nashville, Arkansas, in November, 1861. Many of the men were recruited in Crawford, Polk, Sebastian, and Yell counties. After being involved in the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, the unit was captured at Arkansas Post in January, 1863. Exchanged and reorganized, it was assigned to Deshler's, Liddell's, and Govan's Brigade, and consolidated with the 24th Regiment in September, 1863, and with the 8th Regiment in November. It participated in many campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter operations in Tennessee, and fought its last battle at Bentonville. The 18th/24th lost thirty-eight percent of the 226 engaged at Chickamauga, and the 8th/19th reported 16 casualties at Ringgold Gap and totalled 363 men and 285 arms in December, 1863. During the spring of 1864 part of the 19th served in Dawson's Infantry Regiment in the Trans-Mississippi Department. At the Battle of Atlanta the 8th/19th had 97 men disabled and only a few surrendered in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonel C. L. Dawson; Lieutenant Colonels A. S. Hutchison and P. R. Smith; and Majors Joseph Anderson, David H. Hamiter, and John G. McKean.
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