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15th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Johnson's)

15th (Gee's-Johnson's) Infantry Regiment was organized at Camden, Arkansas during the late summer of 1861. Six companies were sent to the defense of Fort Henry, then were transferred to Fort Donelson and captured in February, 1862. When exchanged and reorganized, the regiment was assigned to Beall's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. It fought in some minor engagements at Cross Landing, Greenfield, and Keller's Lane, and later became part of the garrison at Port Hudson where it was captured in July, 1863. This regiment sustained the highest number of casualties of any unit defending the post, eighty-one percent of the 484 engaged. After the exchange, it was not reorganized. Colonels James M. Gee and Benjamin W. Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel P. Lynch Lee, and Major William E. Stewart were in command.
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