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10th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

10th Infantry Regiment was organized in July, 1861, at Springfield, Arkansas. Its members were drawn from the counties of Cleburne, Van Buren, Conway, and Perry. The regiment moved to Union City, Tennessee, where 150 men died from the effects of measles. Later it was involved in the conflicts at Shiloh and Baton Rouge, and in October, 1862, contained 249 effectives. Attached to Buford's and Beall's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, the 10th was part of the garrison that surrendered at Port Hudson on July 9, 1863. After being exchanged, the men returned to Arkansas and were reorganized as the 10th or Witt's Cavalry Regiment. The unit skirmished in Arkansas and on May 28, 1865, requested from the Federals terms under which it could surrender. Its commanders were Colonels T. D. Merrick and A. R. Witt, Lieutenant Colonels S. S. Ford and Luther R. Venable, and Majors C. M. Cargile and Obed. Patty.
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