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3rd Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry

3rd Cavalry Regiment was organized in July, 1861, and included the 1st (Borland's) Arkansas Cavalry Battalion and three companies of J. L. Williamson's Arkansas Infantry Battalion. For a time it was stationed at Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas, where at least some of the men were recruited. Originally called 1st Arkansas Mounted Volunteers, the C. S. War Department ordered its designation to be 3rd Cavalry on January 15, 1862. Only 395 effectives crossed the Mississippi River in 1862. It always had a manpower problem but participated in more engagements than any other Arkansas command. The regiment was dismounted when it fought at Corinth, then was remounted and assigned to General Armstrong's and T. Harrison's Brigade. It fought at Thompson's Station, Franklin, and Chickamauga, took part in the Knoxville and Atlanta Campaigns, and was active in the defense of Savannah and the campaign of the Carolinas. When the Army of Tennessee surrendered, few of its members were present. The field officers were Colonels Solon Borland, Samuel G. Earle, and Amson W. Hobson; Lieutenant Colonels Benjamin F. Danley, James M. Gee, and M. J. Henderson; and Majors William H. Blackwell, J. F. Earle, and David F. Shall.
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