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2nd Regiment, Arkansas Mounted Rifles

2nd Regiment Mounted Rifles was organized by J. McIntosh at Osage Prairie, near Bentonville, Arkansas, in July, 1861. It was formed with 662 officers and men, but in January, 1862, there were 820 present. The unit fought at Wilson's Creek and Elkhorn Tavern, then was dismounted. It served under General Churchill during the Kentucky Campaign and later was attached to General McNair's and D.H. Reynold's Brigade. The regiment fought at Murfreesboro and Jackson and in many battles of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Bentonville. It reported 55 casualties at Wilson's Creek, 11 at Richmond, and 120 at Murfreesboro. Of the 125 engaged at Chickamauga, forty-two percent were disabled. Only a few surrendered in April, 1865. The field officers were Benjamin T. Embry, Harris Flanagin, James McIntosh, and J.A. Williamson; Lieutenant Colonels Henry K. Brown and J.T. Smith; and Majors J.P. Eagle and William Gipson.
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