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Hilliard's Legion, Alabama Volunteers

Hilliard's Legion, organized at Montgomery, Alabama, in June, 1862, contained almost 3,000 men. It was composed of five battalions, but one mounted battalion soon became part of the 10th Confederate Cavalry Regiment. Its artillery arm was detached and redesignated the Barbour Light Artillery. The legion was assigned to General Gracie's Brigade, served at Cumberland Gap, then fought at Chickamauga where it lost forty-five percent of the 902 engaged. In November, 1863, it was dissolved. Parts of the 1st and 3rd Battalions formed the 60th Alabama Regiment, and the 2nd and 4th Battalions became the 59th Alabama Regiment. Three companies of the 1st Battalion formed the 23rd Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters. Its colonels were Henry W. Hillard and Jack Thorington. The 1st Battalion was commanded by Lieutenant Colonels John H. Holt and Jack Thorington, and Major Daniel S. Troy; the 2nd Battalion by Lieutenant Colonel Bolling Hall, Jr. and Major William T. Stubblefield; the 3rd Battalion by Lieutenant Colonel John W.A. Sanford and Major Hatch Cook; and the 4th Battalion by Majors John D. McLennen and William N. Reeves.
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